PREMIER Cabinets - Custom cabinets outfitted with radius panels, LED lighting, custom anodized framework and handles - Paul Greenheck, Show Garage

In the early 90's there was not a light weight quality option for trailer cabinets and Jim Greenheck knew he could build an aluminum cabinet for his own race trailer that would surpass anything else on the market. As a result CTech Manufacturing was developed and quickly gained popularity and is now considered the most respected name in mobile aluminum cabinetry.

Over the years CTech cabinets have been used in many applications including race trailers, mobile service, horse trailers, mobile command centers, military applications, food vendors, race shops, garages, office settings and residential kitchens to name a few. With the quality, powder coat finish and function of CTech cabinets they are extremely versatile for any industry or application. 

Cabinet Series

  • 3 cabinet series:

    • Econo Series, P Series, and Premium Series

    • Modules which make up the cabinets; Cabinet Base/Workbench, Closet, Overhead, Wall

  • Standard packages are available but our cabinets are parametric designed allowing adjustment in width and depth to fit your need.

Cabinet Features

  • GasketLoc Countertop system

  • Extruded Aluminum frame

  • MotionLatch Drawers and Doors

  • Tough Powder Coat Finish

  • .090" aluminum extrusion framework, 6061 Aluminum

  • .080" Drawers and Body Panels, 5052 Aluminum

  • Double walled doors

  • Fastener Assembly



CTech Manufacturing’s EconoSeries stands for superior quality for the budget minded.  Do not be fooled by the name as CTech has cut no corners in manufacturing or construction. Using pre-finished aluminum for the body panels and an extruded aluminum frame for a quality product at a fraction of the cost.

The Econo Series is offered in 4 standard packages configured to service most needs or individual modules in various sizes, CTech has taken the guess work out of ordering.  Designed to be purchased knocked down, assembled, or Dealer installed.


CTech’s P Series cabinets offer the perfect storage solutions for Trailer, Garage and Shop applications. Giving the versatility of a workbench base unit with hassle free storage, CTech's MotionLatch door and drawer handles allow for ONE HANDED OPENING MOTION no matter the situation. Available in a variety of standard configurations to meet most any need or MODULAR units to "custom" build your own package. 9 Standard powder coat colors allow for more customization to give a Premium fit and finish to any cabinet build. 


Not every application can be a standard unit nor do some people want a standard unit which is why CTech offers our fully configurable Premium Series Cabinets. All of the structure and quality is the same throughout all of our cabinets but Radius panels, Vented doors, LED lighting are just a few options available in a Premium Series Cabinet.

ULTRA Garage and Shop Cabinets are a part of the Premium Series designed into the most popular configurations throughout the Garage and Shop market. This allows you to purchase a fully customized shop cabinet as a standard unit, saving you time and money. 


Specialty Cabinets can vary widely on its interpretation. The capabilities of MOBILE ALUMINUM CABINETRY is very diverse which allows CTech to offer storage solutions for many different industries and applications. 

Van packages can fit in any of the standard EURO style van including but not limited to Dodge Pro Master, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Nissan NV series. Standard box vans, delivery vans and ever specialty off road vans can and have been outfitted with CTech cabinets. 

There are also lightweight mobile storage solutions for SUV cargo space and Truck beds. We have also provided cabinets for the US Military, Navy and Air Force.