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Valley View, OH – November 30, 2020: Premier Truck Rental offers an innovative way to manage a fleet of service vehicles for almost limitless industries. They stock large assortments of trucks, trailers, all-terrain units, or a combination of the sort, that may be called upon for the next job.

PTR has joined the ranks as a trusted CTech dealer and we could not be more thrilled. The quality products they maintain and keep in stock for rental are a perfect fit for our storage solutions,” says Darrell Martin CTech Marketing Director. CTech and PTR’s new partnership makes it possible to rent a service vehicle outfitted with quality American-built CTech MotionLatch® Drawer units, adding a level of personalization that’s usually only attainable with purchased units. This saves renters overhead costs, meaning they don’t have to sacrifice organization and storage to rent a vehicle.

We were able to connect with the team at PTR and ask a few questions about their business and this is what they had to say:

  • Tell us a little more about your business and what makes PTR special?

We’re a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of equipment rental experience specializing in on-demand rentals made simple. We provide customers with monthly 4×4 trucks, utility trailers, UTV, and equipment rentals needed to keep crews working. Our job at Premier Truck Rental is to ensure that you have the exact type of rental equipment that you want and need, when you want and need it, and making sure that the rental process is as easy and seamless for you as possible.

We are dedicated to working closely with you on making sure that you have the best units for your specific job and industry, providing you with the freedom to fit your rentals however needed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Serving all 50 states, PTR has the exact units for you to add to your fleet to kickstart your next construction project.

  • What are some of the highest demand industries that you outfit and what products are you supplying them?

Many pipeline projects are coming through which require open service body trucks and we are also supplying many enclosed service body truck to the electrical industry. CTech MotionLatch® drawers are being used on the enclosed service body trucks.

  • What benefits do CTech’s products bring to your business and why are they your choice for drawer storage?

We’ve worked with CTech for quite some time now and appreciate their knowledge about their product, as well as their prioritization of their customers and vendors, being very responsive and attentive to customer requests. They’re wonderful to work with!

  • Is there a noticeable difference in quality when working with CTech products as an installer and dealer? If you consider how a rental car is used and abused we would assume our MotionLatch® tool drawer units would receive some of that wear and tear.

At PTR, we love CTech’s products. We have many customers who request we upfit their units with CTech products. The quality and durability of their MotionLatch® products make them last, allowing them to withstand even the toughest of jobs.

Look to PTR for your future service vehicle fleet rentals at https://rentptr.com/ or find them on our dealer map today.


Max Kittleson

Longtime SCCA member and road racer. Content developer. Knowledge gatherer. Proponent of good storage! I was born and raised around the storage industry thanks to my father; David, who started Closet Concepts LLC with his brother in the late-'80's.

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