Aluminum Tool Drawer - PONSSE North America, Field Technician - Dustin Conley

“CTech provides storage that is custom made any size needed to maximize usable storage out of our trucks. Servicing heavy equipment in all environments from heat, cold, snow and rain, I push my equipment and CTech aluminum drawers never falter. With the ability to create all the organization needed I am able to carry a large inventory of parts that are easily accessible. My CTech units have never caused any trouble and are loaded with large amounts of weight with the truck is used off-road daily. All in all great product and great group of people to work with. Thanks CTech.”

After the MotionLatch handle was such a success in CTech's other products other industries found areas to utilize this product. Drawer units are not a new concept in the Service Truck Body market but CTech drawers changed the market forever with our parametric designed module aluminum drawer units. We offer standard configured tool drawers for all the major truck body manufacturers and in most cases the CTech drawer unit can be added as an option directly from the factory. 

Aluminum drawer units are not only used to fill compartments in truck bodies. They can be added to any opening including existing cabinetry you may have in your garage, shop, trailer, truck, van or any other opening.  There are 3 different style of drawer inserts which covers any possible mounting solution. 

Drawer Insert Styles

  • 3 Mounting Styles:

    • Tool Drawer / Truck Insert Style

  • A more robust option for mounting, allowing for front, rear, top and bottom mounting. 3 Lid styles are available to fill voided space.

    • Cabinet Insert Style

  • Designed to mount to a flat front flange and back panel of any existing cabinet opening. Also available and shown with flooring mounting brackets.

    • Housing Insert Style

  • A free standing housing insert can be placed directly into any opening or stand alone applications as well. Mountable from any panel: top, bottom, or back.

Top Options

  • All Aluminum Construction

    • 0.090" skeleton, 0.080" standard duty and 0.090" heavy duty drawers.

  • MotionLatch - ONE HAND, ONE MOTION

  • Extruded Handle, 5052 high strength aluminum

  • Lid Options

    • Fixed, Telescoping, Flat

  • 4 Standard Powder Coat colors available *custom colors available as well as OEM color matching (ie. CATERPILLAR, JOHN DEERE, KUBOTA, ETC.)*



CTech Tool Drawers combine show quality finish with Extreme durability. Therefore, CTech is considered the PREMIUM in tool drawers for the service truck body industry. As all our other products, our drawers are parametrically designed for custom sizing with ease. We have also personally measured most major truck body manufacturers opens and can offer standard units for most openings on most truck bodies with guaranteed fitment. 

CTech’s goal is to make the ordering easier for everyone involved so take advantage of the work we have done to offer you a premium product with no concern of fitment.


CTech aluminum tool drawers are are primarily associated with the Service Truck Body industry, but we offer aluminum drawer stacks for any opening in any application. The durability of CTech products allows for the ability to service any industry. Existing cabinets, carts, service vehicle are all able to be retrofitted with CTech Drawers.