Southern California Police Agencies Lost Over 300 Weapons Last Year

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Fox News announces Southern California Police agencies have lost over 300 firearms these last 5 years. These agencies are not required to file a lost weapon so these are the known amount stolen from police vehicles with many more possible cases as well. This is also not stating other equipment stolen besides firearms.

It is time to start taking your weapon and other gear storage seriously with a lockable SUV cabinet…. more specifically the CopBox Cabinet. Our storage cabinet is designed specifically for weapon and gear storage and features locks on the drawers and flip lid (if outfitted with this option). Among the storage features the added safety of a CopBox Cabinet for the officer and his/her gear is every penny. Consider the circumstance of an accident or a high-speed chase with bags, cones, scales, firearms all rolling around in the open cargo space of a pursuit SUV, and how dangerous that could be to the officer, passengers, and gear itself. Now that same scenario with the CopBox Cabinet installed keeps everything in a confined area and is securely mounted to factory mounting points in the rear, eliminating the shifting of weight in high-speed situations or containing the extra gear and weapons in an accident. Adding safety, security, and ultimately value to the agency’s vehicles.


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