9.15.16 Open house with RACOM - CopBox Cabinet

UPDATE!!! Looks like we have a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINER for our Blackline Accessory from the RACOM open house. LT. Logan Wernet of the Mason City Police Department. As a few of you know we own Rock Falls Raceway Drag Strip located just south west of Eau Claire and LT Logan races there and will be attending thew races next weekend, small world!

LT Logan Wernet picture with CTECH Manufacturing Sales Rep Daren Cowan

We are continually getting engaged and teaming up with our dealer to help both them and the customers better understand the product CTECH Manufacturing can offer for a better experience for all. Today we are proud to be displaying our CopBox Cabinet designed for SUV cargo storage in Police vehicles. These mobile storage cabinets are designed to be installed in minutes utilizing all factory mounting locations with our QuickLink system which allows for an easily transferable storage unit for years to come.

Source: https://darrell-martin-d4sk.squarespace.co...