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“When I have visitors in my garage, people always comment “Nice cabinets!” to which I respond, “Thank you, but what about the Ferrari!?

If your car is to your garage what jewelry is to a jewelry box, style really matters. We talk a lot about the innovative features and extensive engineering that go into every CTech product, but sometimes we forget to appreciate the subtle beauty of a well-designed storage system. Don’t take it from us! Take it from Ralph La Macchia, who recently had a custom CTech cabinet system installed in his new garage near Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.

La Macchia is a new resident at The Motorsport Villas, which is a brand-new garage/condo community in Elkhart Lake, offering high-end condo amenities and garage space tailored to car guys and motorsport fanatics. The Villas represent a growing movement to build high-end “hybrid” spaces that for many represent the ultimate standalone man cave. However, these spaces aren’t just for wrenching and resting, they’re also used for entertainment. Naturally, CTech cabinets serve that purpose well.

Ralph was kind enough to answer some questions about his recent experience with CTech, and we thank him for taking the time to share some enthusiasm over his new garage setup:

Q: How important is it to have a well-organized garage?

A: It is very critical to me as I am a car guy, I want to present my vehicles and the space they reside in an organized way. I wouldn’t want to place my car in a garden shed!

Q: Do you think that it’s necessary to have a dedicated storage unit in a garage or shop?

A: Yes, I believe it is important to have an organized space no matter what its purpose. Whether it be the organization advantages of having a garage storage cabinet, which adds efficiency, or the clean style and having your belongings hidden from plain sight. Having a clean, well-kept garage speaks volumes to another car guy. There is also an added level of security these cabinets offer by keeping your belonging out of plain sight and having the option to add locks.

Q: Why did you choose CTECH over another storage brand?

A: The design, ease of use, appearance, accessibility, quality, and features associated with the cabinets is way above the other brands available. I also am a firm believer in supporting local companies and knowing CTech is manufactured in the U.S. made it an easy decision. Even when comparing CTech’s product to other U.S. manufacturers I felt they had a far superior product when you take into consideration the small features which make the cabinets feel solid while still being made of aluminum. As far as finish and styling goes, the CTech radius corners gave the high-end appearance I was looking for. 

Q: What kind of storage features were important to you when you were building your Elkhart Lake garage?

A: I wanted something that I could put a grinder on the bench next to a set of crystal glasses and they both felt at home, a sense of style with durability. I use this garage environment for entertaining and wanted to portray that quality and comfort in an automotive-themed space.

When displaying my vehicles, which range from a 1969 Ford Mustang 428 R-code to a Ferrari 550 Maranello, I needed a cabinet setup that portrayed the same level of quality, and CTech has achieved that.

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Longtime SCCA member and road racer. Content developer. Knowledge gatherer. Proponent of good storage! I was born and raised around the storage industry thanks to my father; David, who started Closet Concepts LLC with his brother in the late-'80's.

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