Mobile Vs. Stationary Cabinets: What’s The Difference?

CTech Manufacturing > Mobile Vs. Stationary Cabinets: What’s The Difference?

Mobile storage problems require innovative thinking to solve. CTECH excels in designing, engineering, and producing highly functional, and brilliantly aesthetic storage solutions for mobile applications. Because after all, not all trailer cabinets are created equal!

Cabinets that are built specifically for off-road bashing or long stints on the highway require a little something extra. Trailers in particular must meet maximum weight requirements, not just to save fuel, but because it’s the law! Drawers, cabinets, and the entire storage systems must also endure bumps and jolts in the road, and structural failures in those cases can be disastrous.

We’ve designed all of our products with those challenges in mind, and results in a unique set of product features, some of which are exclusive to CTECH products:

  1. MotionLatch drawer/door handle technology ensures that drawers stay closed in rough travel, yet open with fingertip ease. The design incorporates a ‘full-face’ handle that spans the entire face of the drawer/door.
  2. Fastener assembly making up the cabinet structure allows the system to flex during rough travel. Welded, or non-metal cabinets tend to break at the seams or pull screws through in those conditions.
  3. All-Aluminum construction: CTECH cabinets are made of lightweight and extremely tough 5052 aluminum construction, which makes them perfect for mobile storage systems small and large.
  4. Ultra-strong, smooth-sliding drawers are extremely important when road conditions take a turn for the worse. There’s nothing much more demanding than a drawer packed with heavy tools being thrown around during transit.
  5. Show-quality powder coat finishes are also found on all CTECH products, providing a tough, aesthetic finish to any storage system. 
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Max Kittleson

Longtime SCCA member and road racer. Content developer. Knowledge gatherer. Proponent of good storage! I was born and raised around the storage industry thanks to my father; David, who started Closet Concepts LLC with his brother in the late-'80's.

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