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Tool Drawer Product Line Manager, Daren Cowan, Inserts A Bottom Drawer While Filming The Installation Demo

WESTON, WI – July 1, 2019: Upgrading tool storage seems like a massive undertaking, but in reality, it’s never been easier. If you’re looking to begin the process of upgrading to MotionLatch tool drawer storage, CTech has produced a comprehensive walkthrough video to help show you what’s in store. From measuring and ordering, to installation, preview the upgrade process right here.

CTech is here to provide the best product and service to our customers. If there’s anything else you need from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Let’s review some of the steps covered in this video:

Measuring + Ordering

  1. Download our RFQ Form.
  2. Start by measuring your basic compartment/opening dimensions (LxWxH).
  3. Adjust your basic measurements by taking obstructions/clearances/modifications into account for each compartment/opening.
  4. Consider which mounting options are available for your available dimensions (don’t forget about the minimum width requirement for telescoping tops).
  5. Decide how many drawers you need and at what size(s).
  6. Complete the RFQ Form with the rest of your necessary information, and submit to your local CTech Tool Drawer Dealer! (Go Here To Find Your Nearest Dealer)


  1. Begin by clearing and cleaning your compartments/openings destined for installation.
  2. Remove the drawers from your new Tool Drawer Unit (TDU) and place the frame into your compartment/opening.
    1. NOTE: If you’re able to leave in the middle section of drawers in the unit at this time, that will ensure the unit is square and the drawers will operate freely. Your alternative option is to test fit the drawers before tightening all the fasteners
  3. Ensure that the unit fits as desired and no obstructions will impede the drawers once re-installed. (if you have a service body, make sure that the door will close and latch without issue)
  4. With the unit positioned exactly where you want it mounted, mark the locations to drill holes for the installation hardware.
  5. Remove the TDU and drill out the mounting holes.
  6. Place the TDU back in place and hard-mount the unit using hardware (not provided by CTech).
  7. Re-Install drawers, and once again make sure that no obstructions are present.
  8. Enjoy the fruits of superior storage! Snap a picture of your new unit and tag CTech on social media!
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