ICUEE Feature: New Drawer Locking Option + Improved Lead Times

The International Construction & Utilities Equipment Expo was a massive success! First and foremost, thank you to our special VIP guest; Juan Ibarra, for joining us once again in the CTech booth! We had a blast, as usual, and also had a couple MAJOR announcements to make!

  1. Our new MotionLatch™ Tool Drawer ‘Full-Bank’ locking option is now live!

  2. Our ‘10-Day’ Tool Drawer manufacturing lead time is back!

    Starting with the new locking option; in the past if you wanted to lock your MotionLatch Tool Drawer set, you would have to put locks on each individual drawer. Now, one turn of the key will lock an entire bank of drawers. It’s that simple!

After a large, lasting, and very public expansion project, we’re thrilled to finally announce the return of our ‘10-Day’ Tool Drawer lead times! That’s right, our lead time is just TEN DAYS for industry-leading MotionLatch Tool Drawer units! Thanks to our increased capacity and optimized Tool Drawer manufacturing line, we’re back to hitting our goal lead times. With that being said, don’t wait over a month for drawer units from other manufacturers when you can have superior storage shipped to you in 10 days or less from CTech!

10 work day lead.png