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WESTON, WI – MAY 12, 2020: As business owners work to better protect their staff and customers from airborne illness, CTech has developed a compact, adjustable Sneeze Guard available for purchase immediately. It is largely the first non-storage-related solution that CTech has developed in it’s 25+ year history.

CTech’s new Sneeze Guard is a durable, lightweight, collapsible, and easily disinfected personal protection solution designed and manufactured at their headquarters in Weston, Wisconsin! The unit’s depth, tilt, and passthrough height can be adjusted on-the-fly to adapt to various countertop surfaces.

  • $249 MSRP | Ships Fully Assembled
  • Adjustable Legs (8-17″ in depth)
  • Adjustable Passthrough (8-12″ in height)
  • Lightweight Aluminum Framing
  • 1/8″ Polycarbonate Window
  • Injection Molded Connectors
  • Fully Configurable (Inquire for custom solutions)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

With face-to-face contact being reduced or eliminated in many public places, social distancing initiatives have created a long-term push to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitation, and safety products for businesses of all kinds. Sneeze Guards are nothing new to the food service and healthcare industry, but as the world works to open back up safely, retail and commercial businesses are also looking to permanently implement Sneeze Guards alongside protective measures.

CTech’s new Sneeze Guard is constructed with many of the same aluminum tubing and injection molded connectors that comprise our larger Pit Cart ‘Raceday Canopy’ framework. Like many other companies, CTech is using its resources to step outside their comfort zone and develop products that help keep people safe in the face of a pandemic.

Currently available as a countertop solution, the Sneeze Guard may also be available in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor stand, and other configurations with a bulk order. Special pricing is also available for large quantity orders. For more information or to place an order, call 715-355-8842.

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