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Players, Technicians, and other VIPs will make their way through this entrance many times throughout the course of a championship event.

Olympia Fields, IL – August 27, 2020: Championship golf is back in action, and tour trailers – just like the latest one built for Titleist – will be on-location to support pro golfers competing for millions in prize money.

These extravagant tour trailers are designed with one thing in mind: success. Golf equipment manufacturers like Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, PXG, PING, and more, rely on tour trailers to support a variety of purposes from hospitality, to the workshop, and even sales and marketing efforts.

Interior of Titleist Tour Trailer Workshop With Red Cabinets
Whether it is to get a custom club fitted, grab a new hat from the shelf, or relax in the lobby for a while, the PGA tour trailer featuring CTech cabinets and built by Featherlite Trailers is a sight not many have the privilege of seeing.

MotionLatch® drawers and CTech cabinets are found throughout these tour trailers to provide highly-customized storage areas that are carefully designed to store specific pieces of equipment. Organization is key, as each pro golfer has a specialized loadout of equipment tailored to their playing style.

The most dynamic part of a tour trailer is undoubtedly the workshop. This mobile workshop stores a large selection of equipment suited for each golfer and also hosts specialized machinery that allows equipment technicians to make club changes on-the-fly. Being able to adapt to different playing conditions gives pro golfers a massive edge, and equipment manufacturers invest a lot of resources to give their golfers the slightest advantage.

  • PING PGA Tour Trailer
  • PING PGA Tour Trailer
  • PING PGA Tour Trailer

Another important role of a tour trailer is to provide top-notch hospitality. Take this double-decker TaylorMade trailer for example. Each golfer has a room to themselves upstairs, loaded with branded apparel in their size and style preference. It may not be as spacious or luxurious as home, but a little peace and quiet goes a long way in the heat of competition.

The newest tour trailer on the road today was commissioned by Titleist, a golf equipment brand produced by the Acushnet Company headquartered in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Featherlite Trailers, responsible for the completion of most tour trailers currently active, took the lead on this build. As the preferred storage solution manufacturer for nearly all tour trailers, CTech was also selected to outfit Titleist’s new trailer with custom storage products. The result; a stunning two-toned spread of cabinets that perform as good as they present.

Lightweight aluminum CTech cabinets and MotionLatch® drawers not only provide a high level of customization needed for the team’s workshop, but also save weight and boost the trailer’s finished appearance. No other storage manufacturer can capitalize on those three elements and more while retaining over-the-road efficiency.

“It’s hard to believe we’ve now done 4 trailers with CTech, including one in Korea. Each time I’m always impressed by how many options are available and how much customization can be done to meet our specific needs. CTech is by far the best cabinet manufacturer out there and Mr. Birkenmeier has been fantastic to work with. I hope we continue our relationship for many more years to come.” -Dave S., Technical Representative, Acushnet Golf

Feedback like this makes all our hard work worth it. Here’s an inside look at Titleist’s new Tour Trailer built by Featherlite Trailers, supporting pro golfers at some of the most prestigious golf events in the world.

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