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Hard-working Americans deserve a break, so CTech is offering 17% off our standard cabinet packages when you use promo code LaborDay2020.

Have you been looking at your garage or shop and scratching your head on how to make it more presentable? Take all those tools, kid toys, bicycles, and projects half-in-the-works and organize them with CTech. Whether it’s adding a closet to hide/organize the mess or a full cabinet set up to compliment your project car, the process of getting your garage back starts now.


Why should you choose CTech?

  • All-aluminum construction with a superior powder coat finish, which resists moisture and corrosion damage.
  • MotionLatch® drawers and doors, the only true full length, grab anywhere, full-length latching drawer and door system.
  • 250 lbs. drawers with 100% extension, so you can fill them to your heart’s desire and still see everything front to back.
  • Adjust-a-loc® shelving allows easy reconfiguring of your internal cabinet storage because your storage needs may change and your cabinets should change with it.
  • GasketLoc® countertop system is the only counter designed to seal out unforeseen spills, cover-up fasteners from installation, and is completely replaceable.
  • Toe-kick with adjustable feet is an option available for anyone with an uneven shop floor.
  • Limited lifetime warranty to the original owner.

What is the advantage of aluminum vs wood or steel?

  • The elements: Wood can swell and warp when introduced to moisture and temperature fluctuations.
  • Corrosion: It’s a big problem in garage and shop cabinets especially in the midwest. CTech’s aluminum construction and powder coat finish protect it from the elements to maintain a showroom-quality cabinet for your kids to enjoy.
  • The test of time: Laminate peels and fades over time, whereas CTech’s powder coat finish is timeless.
  • Overall value: Although CTech cabinets may seem more expensive when comparing them to an inferior counterpart, if you consider the cost of replacing cheaper and less durable cabinets every 5-8 years your investment is protected with CTech storage. That puts a smile on everyone’s face.

CTech products are an investment, not just a purchase.

Nate Birkenmeier, Motorsports Product Line Manager

Promo Code: LaborDay2020

A new CTech cabinet will increase your home or shop value, improve curb appeal, and is easily moved to new areas without any damage due to its durable aluminum construction and fastener assembly.

Did we miss a feature, option, or custom configuration? If you need more information to make a buying decision reach out to us today to help fill your needs.

To receive 17% off our standard and online configurable products, orders must be completed before September 8, 2020.

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