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WESTON, WI – September 8, 2020: The RV/Camper industry has been on fire since the start of COVID-19. Usually, dealer lots are packed with new RVs and Campers, but with outdoor activities becoming the ‘new norm’, now sit half-empty. In addition, recreational vehicle manufacturers are swamped with backorders, market shares in some camping-related companies have doubled, and relatively new services (like ‘Outdoorsy’, an AirBnB-style RV rental service) have reported a 1000%+ boost in sales throughout the summer.

As more RVs flood into the market, new owners inevitably look for ways to customize their adventure rig. To help make lower compartment storage more accessible, many owners are installing custom drawer inserts. There’s nothing worse after a long day of travel than having to get on your hands and knees to dig through a cluttered storage compartment.

Luckily, MotionLatch® Drawers can be configured for any space and any application, including bulk storage compartments in a recreational vehicle. Constructed with lightweight aluminum, MotionLatch® drawers add pull-out storage without adding substantial weight. Utilizing a dual-latching system, the drawer will not open unless the full-length handle is pulled, meaning there is no risk of damage to the compartment door.

With custom dimensions from 12″ to 50″ in width, and 10″ to 60″ in depth, MotionLatch® drawers can be configured to fit any RV or camper compartment. Multiple drawer heights are also available to accommodate bulk storage. Plus, every MotionLatch® drawer face is powder-coated in-house to your liking from a selection of standard colors. Additional options like drawer dividers, drawer body powder coat, and black handles can create a custom look for an extra fee.

Best of all, mounting is easy. MotionLatch® drawer units can utilize floor flange, telescoping top tray, or rear mount locations to secure with a fastener to mount in place with minimal tools and effort required.

To get started, inquire with CTech to get in touch with a local MotionLatch® dealer. Once ordered, your drawers will be manufactured with a promised 10 business day ship date.

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