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WESTON, WI – September 16, 2020: With the 2020-21 school year officially underway, students around the country are grappling with the difficult task of remote learning. It’s no secret that school districts, parents, students, and especially educators are finding it tough to provide the same quality education through a computer screen. This is especially true for hands-on education, such as Automotive, Small Engine, and other courses that typically require a workshop setting.

But what exactly makes that workshop setting so special? We’ve learned a lot about that topic by working with educators over the years  to outfit their shops with custom cabinets, tool carts, and more. When it comes to hands-on learning, projects need space to come to life. In order to make that kind of magic happen, you need a well-equipped and extremely dynamic learning environment.

In today’s fast paced world, education has to move even faster. Every day in shop class could mean working with a different set of tools, a new piece of technology, an unfamiliar piece of equipment, or any number of exciting projects. On the other hand, some days could mean sitting at your desk drafting, filling out a test form, or reviewing notes. 

A dynamic classroom or lab  that can physically aid educators and students with their curriculum is becoming more of a necessity every year, and CTech is proud to be at the forefront of implementing custom storage solutions into these dynamic spaces. Through cooperation with local educators, CTech has worked to optimize an expanding list of learning spaces:

  • Automotive/Diesel Workshops
  • Welding & Skilled Trades Shops
  • Graphics & Printing Labs
  • Automation Labs
  • Electrical/Agricultural Mechanical Labs
  • CNC & Manufacturing Centers

CTech’s hometown school district, DC Everest, recently cut the ribbon on a brand new automotive shop for their middle and high school students to utilize. The ribbon-cutting comes at the conclusion of a highly-touted referendum to boost funding to the district’s technological education sectors. Like many districts, DC Everest has recognized a trend back towards hands-on jobs and taken the necessary steps to ensure that students have the very best tools possible at their disposal.

Higher education campuses such as NorthCentral Technical College aren’t just optimizing their traditional brick/mortar learning spaces, but also deploying cutting-edge mobile learning platforms. NTC’s Diesel Automotive Trailer and Mobile Manufacturing Lab platforms enable educators to physically bring a well-equipped shop setting to students and workers in the area.

“As technology continues to change, we want to be there to help people make that change,” said NTC’S President Dr. Lori Weyers. “So that our companies can be globally competitive and keep Central Wisconsin strong.”

Mobile platforms have even more to gain from implementing CTech storage, as lightweight aluminum construction ensures that the platform can be highly customized while keeping weight down. That means the school’s investment in mobile education is not only effective, but efficient. CTech began its history by building lightweight trailer cabinets for the racing industry, and no other mobile cabinet manufacturer can match the complexity, efficiency, and accessibility of CTech cabinets. 

By optimizing space and providing high-quality equipment, teachers will be able to better engage with and inspire students to be their best, both inside and outside of the classroom. CTech is leading the charge in providing custom storage solutions of all kinds that boost the effectiveness, presentation, and value of educational spaces. If you or your district is in need of high-performance storage, or are planning an addition or remodel, get in touch with the professionals at CTech.

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