A Nod To Quality: CTech’s Original Pit Cart Still In Service

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ELKHART LAKE, WI – October 11, 2020: We would like to extend a massive congratulations to the National Championship-winning team at Elite Autosport. In a field of over 50 other cars, they came out on top in last weekend’s SCCA Spec Racer Ford National Championship race at Road America.

What makes their championship particularly exciting to us at CTech isn’t as much about what they’ve done on the track, but what they have going on in the paddock.

ELite Autosport’s WOrktop Cart In the paddock at Road America October, 2020

This little red Worktop Cart, which was once a glimpse into the future of pit lane storage, is still serving diligently in Elite Autosport’s paddock over 25 years later Below you will see a photo of the same worktop cart some just after its construction in the 1990’s, hard at work supporting Jim Greenheck’s NHRA drag racing efforts.

The same worktop cart in jim greenheck’s pit decades earlier

According to Elite Autosport President Beau Martin, the team acquired this red worktop cart second-hand some time after the turn of the century. This likely makes it a second or third-owner cart. Apart from replacing ball bearing slides the cart has held up splendidly through the decades.

With a dazzling fleet of Spec Racer Fords under their tent, the Elite team has a proven track record of reliable and competitive racing efforts. They are responsible for transporting, prepping, and coordinating spec racers for clients around the country. With a carefully coordinated racing schedule, the Elite team and their red worktop cart have put on thousands upon thousands of miles to and from racing circuits in the midwest.

Beau also tells of a harrowing storm story, whereabout this fully-loaded red worktop cart was being used to hold down the team’s canopy in a particularly bad storm. As team-members brave the worsening storm, a strong gale suddenly lifts the canopy, along with the worktop cart, about 5 feet off the ground before slamming it back down on its side in savage fashion.

One would expect after a flight like that the old worktop cart would be a write-off. However, apart from a few new scratches to the worktop and small dents in the moon hubcaps, the cart was perfectly fine. If this shows anything, it shows that CTech carts are, and always have been, a shining example of American-made quality.

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