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Wausau, WI – November 11, 2020: Storage and inventory rooms. The purest landscape for organization potential, all too often overlooked as a place to simply dump clutter out of sight. Thankfully that’s not the case at Marquette University‘s Discovery Learning Laboratory. This custom CTech cabinet system is one of the first higher-education related storage projects CTech had the honor of contributing to.

Educators understand that school is a very fast-paced environment. Teachers and students don’t have time to waste looking for the correct tools and equipment needed for a particular piece of curriculum. Access and organization are paramount to keeping on-schedule.

From power tools to AA batteries, everything has its place in Marquette University’s engineering-focused lab. The meticulously organized tool crib not only boosts the university’s image but demonstrates the importance of organization to students, who are held accountable for checking items in/out and keeping things organized behind the scenes.

Organization: A Teacher’s Best Friend

About 3 hours northwest from Marquette University, Northcentral Technical College also has an impressive and expansive CTech cabinet system helping them stay organized in the machine shop.

However, this custom cabinet system is also hiding an extra layer of functionality. The butcher block-topped caster cart you see in the picture below also doubles as the professor’s mobile desk. Which, when not in use, integrates neatly between two closets in the cabinet system closest to the door. This clears floor space and also permits the instructor to teach in various locations around the machine shop

There are a few ways to tell how well-organized a space is. The first method is to simply observe clutter. How much of it is there, and where is it concentrated? Both of these institutions have done an incredible job utilizing CTech storage to clear clutter.

However, there is another method that tests the true accessibility of a given storage system. You may have noticed that most drawers and some cabinets in both of these systems have been labeled to indicate the location of various items. By definition, to be perfectly organized would imply that anyone could walk into a storage room and be able to find a specific item quickly, and without any help.

Achieving storage perfection is no easy task, however we think these two examples of educational storage rooms score very high marks for efficiency and presentation. Living proof that high-performance CTech storage can be

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