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Wausau, WI – November 19, 2020: This week we’re stepping out of the storage room and into the machine shop, where real magic happens. At DC Everest Area School District, mobile storage is key to a hands-on learning environment.
Properly configured CTech storage promotes safety, focus, and ultimately sets students up for success. Entering the workforce with an understanding of effective storage makes an overwhelming impact on professional life.

Manual Lathes With Type 1 Caster Carts

DC Everest’s Machine Shop depends on an array of mobile storage solutions to keep their space organized and effective. The educators at DCE emphasize mobility, as roughly 90% of the storage solutions implemented in their space are on wheels. Most of which are “Type 1” and “Type 2” Caster Carts.

These caster cart types are named according to how many compartments they have; with Type 1 having just one vertical compartment, and Type 2 having two distinct compartments. CTech offers a wide range of standard Type 1, 2, and 3 caster carts with various numbers of drawers and cabinet spaces.

Type 2 Caster Cart Hosting a drill press

Caster carts are being used for a variety of applications at DCE. Some are used to organize tooling and other pieces of equipment for machinery, while some are literally hosting machinery, as the example above depicts. Meanwhile, larger carts are providing invaluable worktop surfaces as the example below showcases. A workbench that can go anywhere, at any time, to support a certain piece of curriculum.

type 2 Caster cart with butcher block worktop

So, mobile storage is extremely important in a working classroom. However, that doesn’t mean stationary storage goes out the window. DCE also has a few custom cabinets placed well out of the way to store bulk items. This keeps the workfloor clear of clutter, boosting safety for everyone who steps foot in the classroom.

stand-up closet organizing welding safety equipment

Along the walls of DCE’s machine shop you’ll also find:

  • Stationary Drawer Housing
  • Stand-Up Closets
  • Roll-up door cabinets with Adjust-A-Loc Shelving
  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets with Radius-Edge Corners
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