Revisited: UW-Madison Baja SAE Shop Transformation

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Madison, WI – December 8, 2020: COVID-19 has presented our global society with a variety of challenges as unique and diverse as the people who live in it. For collegiate SAE teams like UW-Madison, being organized has become essential to staying on schedule without sacrificing project complexity.

Facing a tightly-controlled limit of ten (10) people in the shop at any given time, individual teams are having to rely on increased productivity levels to complete their highly-complex projects. Keep in mind, that ten-person limit has to be shared between Formula, Baja, Clean Snowmobile, Autonomous teams which are all housed under the same roof.

Considering an average work night at the SAE shop could see quadruple that limited number any other year, UW-Madison’s SAE teams have no choice but to become more efficient in every way to make it to competition. For the Baja team, having a CTech-equipped workspace is a game-changer. “Not only has it eliminated clutter in the Baja team’s work bay, but it also improved efficiency in tool storage. With a limited number of team members allowed in the shop at one time, having unified knowledge of tool location is critical to keeping an efficient work area,” stated Darrell Martin, Marketing Director at CTech Manufacturing.

“It’s amazing how clean our work space looks now that the cabinet doors actually close!”, Jake Wendt

Stage 1 Transformation

At the beginning of 2020, CTech kicked off the first phase of an extensive storage transformation project at UW-Madison beginning with the Baja team. Each team has their own unique storage needs, and as such it’s important to balance a shop identity with functional equipment.

The Baja team have a carefully configured fleet of mobile and stationary storage solutions at work in their space. Starting with mobile storage, the team has two (2) BadAss Caster-equipped rolling toolboxes that are not only capable of competition-travel, but more importantly help facilitate flexible workshop space. With new and old baja vehicles occupying the team’s space, readily-mobile toolboxes make it possible to create an ever-changing workspace layout.

“The huge wheels on the rolling tool cabinet are unbelievably nice! The team can quickly move them into our trailer, and they work great on gravel, dirt or asphalt, unlike our previous cabinets.”,  Christopher Lawrence

“The custom sized, high weight capacity drawers allowed our team to optimize our tool organization. The team spends less time searching for tools and more time building the car!, Cassidy Dreyfus

Well out of the way of the team’s core workspace is a sleek line of CTech closets, conveniently configured to fit flush between existing building structure. As evident in the ‘before’ photos, bulk storage was a major problem for the team, which has trouble keeping the floor clear at times. With Adjust-A-Loc™️ shelves the team’s CTech closets are infinitely adjustable in 1″ increments to house a wide range of bulk items.

“The one-motion unlatching and opening of the doors and drawers is amazing!”, Cassidy Dreyfus

“The tire rack mounted on top of our storage cabinets provides easy access to our tires while providing more workspace in our bay.”,  Samuel Golding

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