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Weston, WI – December 11, 2020: CTech is proud to introduce our new cart stabilizers. In terms of construction and operation, these new stabilizers are strikingly similar to our new Observation Cart lift arms, which were introduced at last year’s PRI tradeshow.

The new lift arms will make cart stabilization a tool-less and painless operation. The stabilizer units quickly snap in and out of place and feature a removable spin handle for added convenience and ease-of-operation. Best of all, it was designed and manufactured in-house at CTech Manufacturing to reflect the performance and quality our customers have come to expect.

The opportunity to keep stabilizer manufacturing in-house was thanks to CTech’s re-imagined monitor lift arms. Using this platform, our engineers were able to apply those designs to the cart stabilizer. The result was an appealing yet durable solution.

Some applications where cart stabilizers are needed:

  • Observation pit carts
  • Garage box applications
  • Crew chief carts
  • Construction cart platforms
  • Timing stands
  • and many more…

Another benefit of this new stabilizer is that our Flat Free 16″ wheels can now be applied to any cart across the board. Before the newly-designed stabilizers, our pneumatic wheel option was the only choice for carts requiring stabilizers. The stabilizers can be purchased separately as an upgrade kit for any existing cart platform as well so they could be converted to CTech’s flat free wheel.

New Stabilizer Key Features:

  • Composite gearbox
  • Strong metal gears
  • Removable billet handle
  • Removable without tools
  • Lock in place for moving cart
  • Heavy-duty acme thread design
  • Lightweight aluminum mounting system
  • Lightweight extrusion design
  • Allows use of flat-free wheels

This product is still in prototype stages, but the proof of concept and durability tests are complete. We are waiting on component manufacturing for a full release, so stay tuned as we roll into 2021.

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