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Wausau, WI – December 17, 2020: In some spaces, proper storage isn’t just for value or vanity. Continuing our tour of educational sector workshops, this week we look inside Northcentral Technical College‘s mill & machine lab. In a space filled with complex machinery, storage serves as a vital part of safety protocol.

A clean and organized space is a safe space, nevermind the added efficiency resulting in increased student engagement. NTC has deployed a number of Type-1 (one opening) and Type-2 (two openings) carts with supplemental cabinet storage to keep their advanced machine shop student-ready.

Type 1 Caster Cart With Butcher Block WOrktop

On a fundamental level, NTC’s storage outfit highly resembles that of Wausau East and DC Everest’s high-school level laboratories which proves that CTech’s carts are capable of any service level from junior high students to professionals running a 24-hour machining facility. Individual carts have been customized to hold special tooling items and pieces of equipment specific to each respective machine. This improves safety and efficiency by:

  • Reducing operator movement
  • Reducing machine downtime
  • Improving tooling and equipment inventory status

Of course, a machine shop is only as good as the parts that come out of it. In an educational domain, it’s important to understand what exactly a ‘good’ part is. For that, NTC has a small material study lab associated with the machine shop. This space houses a number of precision instruments to test part and material properties.

In this space, storage becomes a scientific asset. Large banks of well-labeled and organized MotionLatch® drawers keep expensive measurement and testing equipment safe and organized. A custom butcher block top provides a flat and dependable work surface for delicate systems.

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