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Weston, WI – December 31, 2020: CTech’s revolutionary cabinet builder is now more powerful than ever with the addition of an industry-first ‘layout builder’. This cabinet layout tool allows customers to visualize their entire cabinet package within a single, intuitive online interface. The ability to place and manipulate multiple cabinet modules and interchange features for an entire package is a real game-changer for the custom cabinet market. CTech’s new layout builder brings customer-driven storage to life thanks to a highly polished online experience.

watch a custom cabinet unit come to life inside the cabinet layout builder.

With high-quality rendering technology, customers can easily visualize and fine-tune their new high-performance cabinet package from the comfort of home or office. Customers begin by placing specific cabinet modules in a 3D space to shape their desired package. Each cabinet module can be altered to fit desired dimensions and will automatically add compartments for separate openings. Once customers have achieved a layout of their liking, they can render the cabinets and customize opening contents. 

Drawers, doors, door swing direction, and even the number of shelves to an opening can be adjusted from within the builder. Customers also have the power to add finishing touches like radius-end corners, and top/back plates. Once the customer has built a cabinet system to their liking, it can be purchased with the click of a button.

Start by placing and customizing base, overhead, wall, and closet cabinet modules.

At CTech, the term #WeBuildItBetter serves as a daily motivation. Now, with this new layout builder you can build it better too! The tool puts our customers in direct control over their cabinet buying process, from idea to order.” -Darrell Martin, Marketing Director

The continued development of online storage configurators like this has far-reaching benefits for CTech customers, including but not limited to:

  • Streamlining and simplifying the sales process.
  • Granting customers more control over their finished product.
  • Giving prospective customers a reliable tool for planning future storage upgrades.
After placing cabinets, adjust compartment options, and add finishing touches.

Previously, only individual cabinet modules could be customized and ordered on CTech’s online cabinet builder. The ability to customize individual cabinets has been fully retained despite the addition of this layout builder option, which is easily accessible through the “Shop Now” functions on CTech’s website.

CTech’s new cabinet layout builder sets a new standard in online cabinet sales. Much like CTech’s exclusive MotionLatch® drawers and doors, many companies have released their own online builders but none match the quality and functionality of CTech’s newest solution.

View configured cabinets inside and out in stunning 3d rendering space.

Similar online configurators also use drag-and-drop type features but do not allow true customization of individual cabinet modules within the package. CTech is capable of providing this service thanks to parametrically designed products. In layman’s terms, CTech products are designed to be stretched to any length, depth, and height without the need to re-engineer them. This allows CTech to provide custom cabinets with a standard pricing model. 

Although the layout configurator features cabinets only at this time, parametric design is applied to all of CTech’s products. That means Carts, CopBoxes, and Drawers will also be available to customize and order completely online in the months to come.

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