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Wausau, WI – January 7, 2021: Mind space and classroom space. Both need to be clear for optimal learning. Having the appropriate storage solutions in place at school isn’t merely a vanity. School is full of distractions and a cluttered room only adds to that.

Red CTech Wall Cabinets Hanging Over A Base Cabinet

In this example at Wausau East; the robotics lab/classroom is outfitted with a winding line of CTech wall cabinets and a corner base cabinet system. Both contribute to an organized and effective learning environment. The MotionLatch® cabinet doors were configured with locks to provide extra security for sensitive equipment.

The instructor also received a matching CTech desk pod, adding a bit of style and inspiration that can otherwise be difficult to achieve. CTech’s standard desk pod features two full MotionLatch® drawer stacks on each end of the desk, making it a storage hub as well as a dependable working surface.

The robotics lab conveniently overlooks another hands-on shop area

Just like any hands-on education domain we outfit, the laboratory and classroom are equally important areas to optimize. Although students may not be working with hazardous machinery or swinging tools around, they are confined to an environment where equally demanding work is taking place.

In the case of a robotics lab, meticulous work is being undertaken which requires a careful balance between tedium and precision. Couple that with learning and you’ve created a potentially stressful environment. The kind of environment that can only benefit from optimized storage solutions.

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