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Green Lake, WI – January 13, 2021: “CTech has proven their professionalism and showed their incredible attention to detail with an outstanding, superior quality product. I want to say that CTech is very supportive of Law Enforcement and does an excellent job producing an exceptional product. I am pleased with the relationship that we have built.” -Sheriff Mark Podoll | Green Lake, WI

Green Lake County officer in the aisle of the swat van

The best feedback may not always be positive feedback, but nothing beats a testimonial quite like that. Two years after being deployed, the team at CTech was able to check back in with the Green Lake County Sheriff‘s office to see how their CTech-equipped SWAT van was performing.

Ford Transit SWAT Van

Needless to say, we’re extremely grateful for Sheriff Podoll’s kind words. As an added bonus, they also supplied a selection of new photographs of the SWAT van in use.

For some, high-performance storage is a luxury. For others, it’s a necessity. When every second counts and potential lives are on the line, it pays to have a custom storage system from CTech. Every compartment and drawer is accounted for in the design process, housing specific pieces of equipment.

green lake county officer operating a motionlatch drawer

As you can see in this shot, an entire loadout is stacked neatly on a single drawer. This makes it possible for the emergency responder to quickly access his/her loadout from a secure position and get to work. Thanks to dual-latching MotionLatch® technology, cabinet doors and drawers stay closed in-response and open easily by pulling anywhere on the full-length handle.

Public Safety Drone / UAV Trailer

Small unmanned drones have played an increasingly important role in law enforcement since their meteoric rise in commercial popularity. The ability to put eyes in the sky without the cost and complexity of a traditional helicopter dispatch has proven to be an effective and economical tool for municipalities of all sizes. Learn quick facts about police drone/UAV usage here.

Green Lake County Sheriff Tests Police Drone Peripherals

In just the past five years, the number of state and local public safety agencies in the United States that own and operate a drone has grown over 1,500% (Bard College Study 3.1). So, why would over 1,500 agencies choose to invest in drone technology? The possible applications are numerous and highly-impactful:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Traffic Collision Reconstruction
  • Active Shooter / Suspects Investigation
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Surveillance / Crowd Monitoring

Unlike small recreational drones, police drones and UAVs may be considerably larger, and more complex. In order to make the most of their unmanned aerial fleet, many agencies are outfitting small mobile drone trailers specifically for the purpose of maintaining and deploying drones.

Green Lake County Sheriff’s office is one of those agencies. Although their drone trailer is relatively small compared to traditional mobile command platforms, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with a highly-customized CTech storage system and integrated technologies. This emphasis on storage helps keep the small trailer organized and effective in all situations.

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