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Wittenberg, WI – January 14, 2021: Small engines, small spaces, big potential for optimized storage. CTech’s latest educational storage project was recently completed for Wittenberg-Birnamwood School District, bringing high-performance mobile storage into a freshly updated space. This is yet another local educational project completed with the help of local storage partners at FSS Business Systems.

For many, small engines class is the first step into life as a hands-on professional. For others, it’s merely an unwanted but unavoidable hour of the school day. In either case, properly outfitted learning space directly contributes to the effectiveness and enjoyment of any curriculum.

Wittenberg-Birnamwood Small Engines

Similar to DC Everest’s renovated small engines shop, Wittenberg’s newly improved small engines space hosts no less than 8 ‘Type 2’ Caster Carts. The ‘Type2’ designation coincides with the number of vertical openings housed within a given cart.

Each Caster Cart featured in this small engine shop sports one full bank of MotionLatch® drawers as well as a full-height bulk storage cabinet with Adjust-A-Loc adjustable shelving. This dual-opening configuration paired with a durable, stainless worktop surface allows the toolbox to double as a workspace.

Constructed with lightweight aluminum and rolling on highly-maneuverable 4″ Colson Casters, CTech Caster Carts promote mobility and spatial flexibility while also holding value longer.

The multipurpose nature of Wittenberg’s new toolbox fleet eliminates the need for separate workspaces and promotes increased organization for each working unit of students in the shop.

D.C. Everest Small Engines

Significantly larger in terms of unit numbers and space, DC Everest‘s small engines shop sports a strikingly similar array of Type 2 Caster Carts in addition to a line of locking CTech wall cabinets.

Similar in powder coat finish and opening configuration, DC Everest’s Caster Cart fleet is also hiding pull-out MotionLatch® drawers on the bottom of each cabinet opening. That feature was designed specifically to hold the small engine program’s fleet of Kohler engines while not in use. Each cart also features solid-mount, wraparound splash guard to keep any liquids or solvents from spilling off the worktop surface.

Near one of the exit doors, another more traditional Type 2 Caster Cart was outfitted with two full MotionLatch® drawer banks to hold specialty tools. Above that toolbox is a matching custom wall cabinet for bulk storage, conveniently placed near an entryway for easy accessibility. Simple wall cabinet modules like this are an extremely efficient way to add custom storage to nearly any wall.

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