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February 4, 2021 – Weston, WI: Hands-on learning isn’t going away anytime soon. Neither are hands-on jobs. At CTech, hands-on jobs and activities drive what we produce and how we produce them. We are honored to be helping educators get the most of their re-investment in shop class and advanced laboratories through the implementation of high-performance custom storage.

It’s no secret that support for educational programs such as automotive and small engines has wained in recent years. Although, with the recent boom in demand for STEM education of all kinds, a “new shop class” trend is materializing that benefits both vocational and STEM job pipelines.

DC Everest School District Officially Opens New Auto Shop | #FutureReady

As a result, automotive shops and other related laboratories are being completely rebuilt from the ground-up. Thereby ensuring that the next generation of ‘makers’ and ‘fixers’ have everything they need to succeed at the high school level and beyond.

Dependable Storage From The Ground, Up

Educational referendums often tackle a wide range of issues, bringing sweeping revitalization to specific areas of the district. Recent technology-based referendums have doubled-down on investments made to workshops and laboratories. Many of which have been long outdated in some cases.

Rebuilding a workshop from the concrete-up offers a unique opportunity to design and implement lasting storage that fits the district’s current and future needs. This is exactly what the DC Everest School District managed to accomplish with their recent #FutureReady referendum.

For some, this means a custom line of economical but highly effective Pro Series Closets. One for each automotive stall, paired with a simple service cart. For others, it means a highly-customized caster cart and integrated base cabinet system.

In both cases, storage has been tailored to match the school’s existing equipment, spacial requirements, budget, and even color palette. In the above example from Wausau East High School, individual cabinet modules were stretched, or shrunk, to work around the expansive back wall construction.

Hands-On Knowledge, On Wheels

Learning-oriented auto shops, whether mobile or brick/mortar, must be both exceptionally engaging and functional. The challenge with a space like this is size, complexity, and cost. Some districts simply can’t afford to build a modern auto shop. For these situations, and more, educators are putting their workshops on wheels.

In this unique example, deployed by NorthCentral Technical College, custom aluminum cabinets were integral to the value of the platform. A complex weave of caster carts, corner units, and slim closets were built to squeeze maximum functionality out of every square inch of the trailer.

Having a mobile workshop platform also allows for educators to fulfill on-site training, and other outreach-type opportunities. Both of which are extremely beneficial to the outside community, educators, and sponsors.

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