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Weston, WI – February 26, 2021: The answer is simple; designing cabinets online makes custom storage more accessible for everyone. Having the ability to jump online and quickly build custom cabinets changes the way we think about storage.

The benefits of custom storage are far-reaching. It can boost the value of a business, home, garage, or trailer. It also optimizes the way people move and work in those spaces. CTech has made great strides in the past 25 years to bring the power of superior ‘build-to-order’ aluminum storage to the masses. The new online cabinet builder represents a huge leap in technology and accessibility in that respect. So, why invest in it?

It’s Fast

Ready-to-order custom cabinet systems can be created from scratch in minutes. No extra communication with a product specialist or dealer is required. Just enter the builder via ctechmanufacturing.com/shop and start placing cabinets.

Watch a complex cabinet system come to life in under two minutes!

It’s Easy

Absolutely no storage expertise or experience is required to use the online cabinet builder. “Help” content and info tab overlays have been integrated into the builder to teach new users about the tool. Product information is also visible throughout the builder for those unfamiliar with CTech storage.

It’s Convenient

CTech’s website is open 24/7/365, and so is the online cabinet builder. At any time, users can come to ctechmanufacturing.com/shop and hop into either the cabinet builder, or cabinet layout builder.

The cabinet builder is a slimmed-down version of the cabinet layout builder. Allowing users to customize just one standalone cabinet section at a time. No extra software is required. All you need to build cabinets online with CTech are:

  • An internet connection
  • A desktop or tablet
Comparison showing both layout builder and cabinet builder

It’s Rewarding

At CTech, we build it better. Now, thanks to the online cabinet builder our customers can too. By holding more control over the design and conceptualization process, customers using the online builder will inevitably end up with a more personalized solution. A solution that they have created from scratch.

Customers not only get to enjoy the process of deliberating and visualizing their ideas, but won’t miss out on any CTech-exclusive features. CTech storage solutions are engineered to far outlast and outperform comparable custom or standard-issue storage solutions on the market.

It’s Engaging

As users work through the online builder, their cabinet sections will be placed and rendered in a high-definition, navigable 3D rendering space. Meaning that designed cabinets can be viewed in stunning detail from any angle and zoom level.

For customers who are not ready to purchase their newly designed cabinet or want to share it with someone else, a “Save” button has been introduced. Which, when pressed will save your current cabinet build and send a link via email. Anyone who receives this link can click on it and instantly return to the online builder where their custom configuration will be re-loaded exactly as it was when saved.

Cabinet doors may be opened to view interior opening contents

(Best Of All) It’s 100% Free To Use

Access to the online builder is unrestricted. No information is required to start using the builder. Upon checkout, no extra charges relating to the online builder are added. Shipping and taxes are, however, not included in the price estimate.

So then, why wouldn’t you want to build cabinets online at ctechmanufacturing.com? Well, there are only a couple of reasons. The first; you don’t have an internet connection or computer. No problem, send us an inquiry online or give us a call and we can work with you one-on-one.

The second; your project requires extra customization that the online builder can’t handle. Although we’re always adding features to the builder, some things require a little extra attention. Get in touch with us for information on ultra-custom products. #WeBuildItBetter and now you can too. Give our online cabinet builder a try today.

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