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Wausau, WI – March 18, 2021: Like many things, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to a traditional woods class curriculum. Skills and experiences stemming from hands-on learning of any kind continue to increase in value not only in the job market, but in everyday life.

When people reminisce about middle/high school woods class, the first thing that comes to mind might be a rickety end table, or the strong smell of wood stain. What that tells us is that the ‘cream’ of woods class is in the experience. At CTech, our custom cabinets and carts are carefully configured to support every element relating to that woodshop experience as a whole.

Supporting A Hands-On Experience

Through hands-on experience, woods class helps develop a stunning number of underlying, unsaid, but widely-applicable skills. A great quick-reference resource detailing no less than 21 reasons why school wood shops are important in the 21st century can be viewed HERE. This list was put together by the New England Association of Woodworking Teachers (NEAWT).

“A quality woodworking program provides experiences far more important than those typically associated with woodshop. Courses, like woodworking, where students use their hands builds confidence, strength of character, and problem solving capabilities useful in all careers…” -NEAWT

Not Just Another Classroom

Thanks to close cooperation with industry partners like FSS Business Systems, CTech works with educators to make sure that their space is outfitted to engage students in the 21st century and beyond.

The following examples detail custom woods shop storage solutions that CTech has developed and deployed for schools in and around central Wisconsin. Hands-on education continues to be a highly-valued curriculum in the surrounding region, as local industry depends on the broad skills and interest created in CTech-equipped workshops around the state.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand what sets educational storage requirements apart from traditional residential or commercial/industrial solutions.

  • Long-Term Value
    • Most if not all schools depend on taxpayer-supported referendums to fund their projects. That means storage solutions must be built to last.
  • Dynamic Solutions
    • Curriculum and learning dynamics change over time. School space and equipment must be able to foster that growth and adapt.
  • Safety & Security
    • Power tools and other hazardous equipment, while necessary for woods class, need to be locked up in whatever storage solution they are organized in. CTech has develop locker-style security options for cabinets just for this purpose.

Recently overhauled and already hosting students, the SPASH (Steven’s Point Area School District) woods shop sports a stunning array of highly-customized CTech storage solutions.

  • Closets
    • W/ optional roll-up doors and pegboard.
  • Cabinets
    • Wall and Base cabinets w/ radius corners and divider-fitted MotionLatch® Drawers.
  • Lockers
    • Outfitted with custom padlock-style locking system.
  • Caster Cart
    • Mobile MotionLatch® storage w/ butcher block worktop.

Wausau East High School chose to deploy a few more traditional CTech storage solutions to optimize their woodshop’s organization potential:

  • Custom CTech Cabinet Package
    • Each MotionLatch®-equipped cabinet or drawer is labeled for easy identification.
    • Type 1 Caster Cart
      • Outfitted with MotionLatch® drawers and ready to move anywhere in the shop.

Taking a close look at the photos above from D.C. Everest High School, you might notice that the woods, metals, and welding shops share a lot of the same space. This only increases the importance of effective storage and organization. DCE has the following custom CTech storage solutions deployed:

  • Type 2 Caster Carts
    • w/ MotionLatch® drawer and cabinet storage.
    • w/ Butcher block worktop.
  • Type 1 Caster Carts
    • Full MotionLatch® drawer storage and flip-top lid.
  • Closets
    • w/ roll-up or MotionLatch® doors.
  • Service Carts
    • w/ removable work tray.
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