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Weston, WI – April 12, 2021: At this very moment at least 1,400 autonomous vehicles are driving, driverless, on American streets and highways. These pioneering vehicles are paving the way for the future of personal and commercial transportation.

Vehicle manufacturers, AI developers, and even rideshare services are pouring their investments into the development of autonomous vehicle systems. The future success of this emerging industry lies with universities participating in the SAE Intl. AutoDrive Challenge™.

Two autonomous vehicles meet at an interchange | General Motors MCity

Today, CTech Mfg. is proud to announce their sponsorship of this cutting-edge, STEM-intensive program which is headlined by support from General Motors. As part of the sponsorship program, CTech will be building 10 Caster Carts to serve as mobile test equipment platforms for teams participating in the next iteration of this exciting challenge.

This Is No Sunday Drive

This branch of student-led collegiate SAE competition tasks a small number of teams with converting a Chevy Bolt EV into a fully autonomous vehicle. The AutoDrive Challenge™ is SAE’s newest collegiate design competition, which operates in four-year cycles.

Throughout the AutoDrive Challenge™ competition cycle, students and faculty attend technology-specific workshops to help them in their concept refinement and overall autonomous technical understanding. At the end of the competition cycle, teams convene at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds to test their autonomous solutions in a controlled urban environment.

With such innovative research and development being carried out, this challenge attracts the attention of industry leaders and automotive gurus from around the world. Students who participate in the program not only receive hands-on experience with driverless technologies, but also make connections with future employers who are driving the development of autonomous vehicles.

CTech’s Lasting Storage Contribution

Beginning in 2022, the second round of AutoDrive Challenge™ is set to kick off with ten new collegiate teams. Each team will have the benefit of utilizing a lightweight aluminum CTech Caster Cart developed with help from GM and SAE. These carts will help teams store testing and computing equipment at home and abroad.

Line drawings of the ADCII CaRTS

CTech builds a wide range of feature-packed, lightweight aluminum carts ranging from basic service carts to highly complex observation-style pit carts and engineering stands. CTech was born in the motorsport industry over 25 years ago with the goal of revolutionizing mobile storage, and has since grown to serve an ever-widening range of industries and customers.

The “Type 2” caster cart that ADCII teams will be receiving is engineered with a host of CTech-exclusive features like:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • MotionLatch® dual-latching drawers and cabinet doors
  • Radius-end corners
  • Adjust-a-loc shelving
  • Locking 4″ Colson caster wheels

Participating universities will receive their carts in the summer of 2021 so they may begin to organize their equipment and materials for the upcoming challenge. As a leader in the storage industry, CTech is extremely excited to have the opportunity to provide a product that not only supports the new AutoDrive challenge, but promotes increased organization between participating teams.

“Firstly, we’re always excited to see more teams get to experience the power of CTech storage. To be able to do that and also support the newest, most innovative SAE program in existence is an incredible opportunity for CTech.” –Max K. Marketing Content Developer

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