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Weston, WI – May 12, 2021: Finely tuned equipment deserves meticulously engineered storage. Today’s educational laboratories are tasked with everything that a high-tech industrial lab may be tasked, while also considering the additional challenge of effective learning.

Nicely Organized Toolbox at marquette University

That means the lab itself must be extremely dynamic to accommodate changing technology, curriculum, and learning styles. For stationary applications, this is accomplished largely by introducing storage mobility to the equation.

Mobile storage brings students and teachers closer together. Custom desk and cabinet combos promote focus through convenience. Secure bulk storage protects valuable precision equipment and boosts the value and presentation of a laboratory as a whole.

Marquette Advanced Automation Lab

The future of manufacturing is less brawn and brute, and more ‘clicks’, ‘buzzes’, and ‘whirs’. The administration at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have invested heavily in preparing their engineering students for the future of automation.

That means keeping a clean, organized automation lab to keep students engaged with next-generation systems. Type 2 caster carts, service carts, and custom cabinets make this space work.

NTC Graphics Lab

Blending traditional print media with cutting-edge technology, Northcentral Technical College‘s graphics lab utilizes custom cabinets, mobile islands, and mobile ‘sidekick’ caster cart workstations to complement student and machine. The massive, floating cutting board island supports graphics production efforts, while cabinets offer bulk storage space paired with a worktop.

These ‘sidekick’ caster carts hold machine-specific tooling and equipment to keep specialized tools organized and readily handy. Today, prints and graphics are much more in-depth than just hitting print on the computer. High-performance storage from CTech helps support today’s new graphics workflow.

NTC Electronics Lab

Looking less like a lab and more like a classroom, this electronics laboratory example also from Northcentral Technical College employs a stoic fleet of type-2 caster carts. These desk carts are designed to bundle efficient equipment storage with an expansive and mobile worktop. Desk carts can be moved and rearranged as needed.

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