Attention Race Fans: New CTech Shelter At Road America

CTech Manufacturing > Attention Race Fans: New CTech Shelter At Road America

Elkhart Lake, WI – August 26, 2021: CTech’s fruitful relationship with Road America has led to some exciting things throughout the years; the CTech 180 NASCAR race, CTech Motorplex sponsorship, and tons of opportunities to optimize the track’s sprawling facilities with CTech storage.

Those that frequent Road America know that there is always something new and exciting to behold when it comes to upgrades and improvements, and 2021 is no different. A quick stroll through the main competition paddock will reveal that the landmark ‘CTech Shelter’ is no more. In its place, more paddock space.

However, just West of the Hagerty Tech Building visitors will now find a brand new building built into the side of the hill leading up to the upper paved paddock. Behind the first garage door, visitors and competitors will behold a new and improved showroom dedicated to CTech carts, cabinets, drawers, CopBox, and BlackLine storage accessories. This new space has been dubbed the “CTech Trackside Shop.”

CTech Trackside Shop At Road America

Appropriately, the new Trackside Shop is outfitted to reflect a garage/race shop type domain. Complete with a custom cabinet layout, carts, CopBoxes, and plenty of technology, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a CTech-optimized space.

Prospective customers will also be able to purchase items onsite via CTech’s eCommerce tools, or try out CTech’s innovative web-based cabinet and cabinet layout builders. The new trackside shop will be open during all major events, including this weekend for the SRO Motorsports GT World Challenge event.

For those who go looking for the old CTech Shelter and are surprised to find that it’s gone, don’t worry, the new space is just a few steps away next to the Hagerty Tech Building.

Mega Motorplex Improvement

Located near the carousel, the CTech Manufacturing Motorplex hosts club racing and public karting multiple days per week. Up-and-coming racers and Motorplex regulars alike will no doubt be blown away by the towering new building erected in place of an old and tired timing & scoring trailer.

The new CTech Manufacturing Motorplex Timing & Scoring Building

Featuring a spacious promenade and multi-functional lower level, the new building instantly elevates the Motorplex’s status among similar karting venues in the Midwest. This improvement, along with a sweeping tarmac reconstruction effort undertaken a few years ago, cements the CTech Manufacturing Motorplex as a top-level karting and mini-moto racing destination.

The CTech Manufacturing Motorplex will be open for public karting during all major racing events at Road America. Be sure to check out the new building and get your racing kicks out on the motorplex on your next trip to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

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