Wrapping Up The Inaugural #OrganizeToWin Challenge

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Brooklyn, MI – July 12, 2021: Sometimes it pays to be organized, literally. Just ask the two winning teams of this year’s SAE #OrganizeToWin Challenge; Sooner Offroad and Hope College Formula Racing. Between these two teams, CTech awarded $7,500 in cash prizes just for demonstrating superior organization.

Inaugural #OrganizeToWin Challenge Champions Pose With Their MotionLatch® Trophy

For it’s inaugural year, the #OrganizeToWin Challenge was opened up to SAE teams competing in the Baja SAE Louisville and Formula SAE Michigan dynamic competition events. Utilizing a strict grading scale, team’s workshop and paddock spaces were scored by judges throughout competition and tallied to decide a winner.

Turning Storage Into Science

SAE Teams were graded on both presentation, performance, and organizational strategies utilized within their spaces. At CTech, a quarter-century of storage expertise culminates into a wealth of knowledge that helps turn storage into a science.

Storage plays a huge role in deciding how efficient a given workspace is. For example, how far do you have to walk to get from your primary workspace to your toolbox? How many different storage units are you using? All these questions perfectly describe the type of elements that the #OrganizeToWin Challenge aimed to shed light on.

“As a brand new SAE Collegiate Design Series sponsor, we knew we had to come up with a special organization-based challenge. One that any school could have a real shot at winning, no matter the budget or situation. We were pleasantly surprised to see just how many different ways these SAE teams go about organizing their people, equipment, and tools. It’s amazing to see organizational ingenuity even at a collegiate level like this.” -Max Kittleson | CTech Marketing

A Well-Organized Future

It’s never too early or too late to get more organized! The next generation of automotive and motorsport engineering stars are currently working diligently in the SAE Collegiate Design Series to hone their skills and gain exposure in real-world scenarios. Problem solving, manufacturing, programming, and many other skills are required to compete in SAE. Now, organization is one of them.

To many, storage and organization are an afterthought. In the automotive and motorsport market, organization is the key to efficiency. By exposing students to the surprisingly complex world of high-performance aluminum storage, they’ll be better prepared for a bright future in whatever field they choose to explore. And that’s the essence of the #OrganizeToWin Challenge.

the MotionLatch® Tool Drawer Trophy
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