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Reading, PA – September 10, 2021: Reading Truck Group’s latest product release comes with a little something extra; factory-installed MotionLatch® Tool Drawer options. This has been made possible thanks to a developing partnership between Reading and CTech.

Reading’s new RM-45 crane body, boasting a whopping 45,000 pound-feet of lifting power, also introduces a host of new safety and convenience features. The body itself is built with an innovative torsion box understructure, making its impressive lifting power possible.

Reading Truck Group RM-45 Crane Body

A long list of standard body features and popular options have been detailed in a product brochure, which you can access by visiting Reading’s website or clicking the button below. Distributors, fleet managers, dealers, and anyone else interested in learning more about the RM-45 are encouraged to learn more about the new body style by visiting Reading’s website or viewing an informational brochure.

MotionLatch® Magic

As seen in the incredibly well-produced RM-45 teaser video (see below), a small number of standard MotionLatch® Tool Drawers have been pre-configured to fit the brand new RM-45 truck body.

MotionLatch® drawer configurations are currently available for the first and second vertical, as well as horizontal RM-45 compartments. Configurable bolt bins are also available. Anybody who is interested in putting MotionLatch® storage to work in their new RM-45 is encouraged to contact their preferred truck upfitter, dealer, or Reading Truck representative. Drawer-specific questions can be answered by a CTech storage professional.

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