STEM Programs Take On Road America!

This week, Road America and the CTECH Motorplex hosted some of America’s future engineering and manufacturing stars. STEM programs 'Challenge USA' and 'Formula Student USA' held their crown jewel events at the Elkhart Lake facility on Monday and Tuesday, each offering a unique and equally ambitious challenge.

On the 4-mile track, Challenge USA carried out their “Supermileage” and “Electrathon” events. The goal; lap the entire track while using the least amount of gas or electricity as possible. Each high school team is responsible for designing, developing, and building their own chassis and powertrains according to the rules. MPG estimates are in the hundreds, and for the Supermileage event, teams are only allowed to use a fuel tank smaller than the size of a soda can!

Meanwhile, at the CTECH Motorplex participants in the Formula Student event focus less on MPGs and more on building the fastest, most reliable racecar. Chassis rules are a bit more stringent in this category, and all components are either adapted from existing parts or custom-made by the students themselves. Students from the Ashwaubenon High School even let us take one of their new chassis for a test drive; a reverse-engineered Caterham/Lotus style vehicle strapped with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine!

Hearing the passion in these student’s voices and seeing their skills in action was an inspiration. CTECH is proud to support the STEM Academy and many other similar programs taking place in Wisconsin and around the Midwest. With a bit of help, these young professionals are going to build a better future!

Boosting Innovation

We are proud to announce that CTech Manufacturing has acquired a building and property for its new Research and Development Center. Dean Lee, VP and Business Manager says: "This has always been a consideration for our company because of the effort we put forth in new or improved product development.” The CTech Research and Development Center will house our injection mold die development, 3-D printing, as well as an advanced machining center to support prototyping.

Jim Greenheck, Founder and President of CTech, is very excited about the new opportunities that will come forward with this expansion. Greenheck states: "Combined with our 80,000 sq. ft. expansion that’s almost complete, these additional investments and efforts will allow us to better serve our customers moving forward. At CTech we’re all about designing quality products in a timely fashion."

Introducing "Blue Streak"

Until now, CTECH Tool drawer units have been available in four standard colors; white, grey, black, and red. We're excited to add another sharp color to this list, and it's called Blue Streak! Check it out in the Greenheck Racing toterhome, the new blue looks great when it's paired with a white chassis!

You may have seen Blue Streak before, as it's already available as a standard color in the cabinet and cart product line. Of course, adding a custom color is always an option with any CTECH product, but expanding our standard color offering helps make personalization a little more affordable.

Spring Cleaning with CTECH!

We’ve seen our fair share of incredible storage space transformations. Whether it’s a full-blown custom cabinet system or a single drawer package, sometimes all it takes is the addition of a dedicated storage unit to change the way your space looks, works, and feels. After all, well-stored and organized items are:

  • More accessible.

  • Protected from accidents/elements.

  • Hidden from plain sight, and thus more secure.

  • Kept in a storage unit that complements your space.

In addition, CTECH cabinets offer their own unique advantages:

  • MotionLatch drawers, for increased accessibility.

  • Radius Corners, to prevent snags and provide a sleeker look.

  • Adjustable Toe-Kicks, for cleaner installation on uneven surfaces.

  • All-Aluminum Construction, making setup quick and easy without compromising strength.


Spring is the perfect time to tackle a problem area in your home or garage, and with the help of trusted local dealers, CTECH can help you follow through with your very own transformation just like the examples below! No organization project is exactly alike, so having the support of a professional organizer is a luxury that’s often overlooked.

If you prefer to DIY, there’s a wealth of information available right here on our website that will help you get started on your own project. We have a wide range of standard cabinet packages and modules that are ready to order, check them out in the “Product” and “Literature” areas. Measure the space in question, take your desired storage features into consideration, and turn your vision into a reality!


Invest in your business!

The guys over at Shock Therapy wanted to re organize their shop and they entrusted CTech with the task. They tune suspensions for all sorts of off road vehicles and see 100's of UTV's each week, so they wanted to add efficiency, functionality, and style into the layout and design of their shop cabinets. What they got was a show quality shop which has helped them double their production. 

Shock Therapy's customers feel comfortable spending money with them knowing that they are a company which invests in their equipment to achieve the best service around. 

We owe a huge THANK YOU to Justin Smith and his crew for choosing CTech Cabinets and Carts, as well as, sending us this fantastic video featuring their setup.

Take a look

Remodeling gold!

Robinson Racing's refurbished race trailer has a whole new look inside. Bringing this team up to par with CTech custom trailer cabinets and an efficient layout.

TurnKey Industries and CTECH cabinets continuously produce premium setups to service all walks of racers. Offering them a quality build with premium features such as:

-Gasketloc counter top technology

-MotionLatch drawers and doors

-Powder coat finish

-All aluminum construction

-Parametric design


Attention to detail is important to help personalize any storage system and the small factors like incorporating the team’s logo into the cabinets set CTech apart from other manufacturers.

Integrating existing appliances, such as the refrigerator, into a custom cabinet system is a great way to ensure that a trailer's limited space is fully optimized.

Details like this matter when you're running a championship-caliber racing team!


Custom Van Conversions done right!

One of our newest upfitters continues to impress with some awesome #specialtyvehicle van builds. TouRig has built some top shelf units with the help of CTech #mobilecabinets. They are based out of Golden Colorado and have a passion for adventure, which is translated into every custom van they build. They specialize in Mercedes and Metris platforms and customize them to fit your adventure. As they strive for excellence they have teamed up with CTech to offer the best lightweight mobile cabinets to their customers.

Check them out today for your next custom van project!

Scott Bloomquist Premium Car Hauler

TurnKey Industries has been a great partner to CTech for years and continues to build premium products featuring CTech Manufacturing mobile cabinets for specialty vehicles and trailers. They had the opportunity to build a masterpiece for Scott Bloomquist when he decided to have a new toterhome and car hauler built for his race team. TurnKey immediately contacted CTech and our design team to help create the cabinets to meet Scott's criteria. Working with a few other vendors and partners along the way TurnKey was able to produce one of the most iconic head turning setups to date. You can't miss this rig going down the road!