Why Buy American Or Local?

Following up on one of our favorite holidays; Independence Day. Taking pride in our American-made product is just the beginning; there's a wide array of benefits for our customers, local communities, and beyond!

We've compiled 16 of the top benefits associated with buying American from CTech, flip through them all right here! Buying local is one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis to support your community. It may not always be the cheapest option, but the benefits associated with it often transcend the sale!

MotionLatch™ Tool Drawer Ordering & Installation Walk-Through

Upgrading tool storage seems like a massive undertaking, but in reality it’s never been easier! If you’re looking to begin the process of upgrading to MotionLatch tool drawer storage, we’ve put together this comprehensive walkthrough video to help show you what’s in store! From measuring and ordering, to installation, preview the upgrade process right here!

At CTech, we’re here to provide the best product and service to our customers. If there’s anything else you need from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Let’s review some of the steps covered in this video:

Measuring + Ordering

  1. Download our RFQ Form.

  2. Start by measuring your basic compartment/opening dimensions (LxWxH).

  3. Adjust your basic measurements by taking obstructions/clearances/modifications into account for each compartment/opening.

  4. Consider which mounting options are available for your available dimensions (don’t forget about the minimum width requirement for telescoping tops).

  5. Decide how many drawers you need and at what size(s).

  6. Complete the RFQ Form with the rest of your necessary information, and submit to your local CTech Tool Drawer Dealer! (Go Here To Find Your Nearest Dealer)


  1. Begin by clearing and cleaning your compartments/openings destined for installation.

  2. Remove the drawers from your new Tool Drawer Unit (TDU) and place the frame into your compartment/opening.

    1. NOTE: If you’re able to leave in the middle section of drawers in the unit at this time, that will ensure the unit is square and the drawers will operate freely. Your alternative option is to test fit the drawers before tightening all the fasteners

  3. Ensure that the unit fits as desired and no obstructions will impede the drawers once re-installed. (if you have a service body, make sure that the door will close and latch without issue)

  4. With the unit positioned exactly where you want it mounted, mark the locations to drill holes for the installation hardware.

  5. Remove the TDU and drill out the mounting holes.

  6. Place the TDU back in place and hard-mount the unit using hardware (not provided by CTech).

  7. Re-Install drawers, and once again make sure that no obstructions are present.

  8. Enjoy the fruits of superior storage! Snap a picture of your new unit and tag CTech on social media!

NTEA The Work Truck Show 2019 Preview

The biggest show in the work/service truck industry is only one month away! We’ve got a host of exciting things going on in the booth this year; from interactive technology, special guests, and of course the latest developments in mobile storage technology!

               The NTEA Work Truck Show is North America’s largest work truck event, with over 500 exhibitors and 13,000 attendees descending upon the Indianapolis Convention Center to learn about the industry’s latest advancements. Truck and van manufacturers commonly take the center stage, as newer, more capable, and more efficient models inevitably roll out. As an industry leader in drawer manufacturing, The Work Truck Show is a great opportunity for CTech Manufacturing to show working professionals how to take their vehicle’s storage systems to the next level. Tool drawers and mobile cabinets will represent the bulk of our display models, equipped with the newest innovations in storage technology.

Palfinger Lift Body Equipped With CTech Tool Drawer Units

Our recent 80,000 square foot expansion and new R&D center enable us to provide a better product, with quicker lead times, alongside better service than anyone in the industry. The show is the perfect place for us to showcase those developments as well. Aside from demonstration products, we will also have an interactive catalog experience, utilizing state-of-the-art touchscreen TVs. We will also have quick, easy, and accessible quoting tablets loaded with our full catalog of over 175 pre-configured tool drawer units, designed to provide turn-key drawer solutions for owners of popular service bodies such as Knapheide, Palfinger, IMT, Auto Crane, BrandFx, Norstar, and Royal.

               To headline our booth activities at this years’ show; we’re extremely thankful to be welcoming back Juan Ibarra, from Discovery Channel’s hit show ‘Gold Rush’! Juan has been with us in the booth in years past, and as a CTech Tool Drawer user himself, he knows the value of well-built tool drawers. A little bit about this Gold Rush star; he’s a Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Expert Welder/Fabricator from Reno, Nevada best known for his roll as Hoffman’s mechanic in the beloved Discovery Channel show. For those of you unfamiliar with Gold Rush, it follows a selection of mining companies through the rough business of gold mining. Juan is one of the most hardworking folks we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and we’re thrilled to have him back with us this year. He will be making appearances at the CTech booth during the times and dates posted below. Juan will be available to sign autographs and meet with show-goers at those times:

CTech Manufacturing Booth #319

March 6 (Wednesday): 10AM - Noon

March 7 (Thursday): 10AM – Noon