Formula Student USA at the CTech Motorplex

After a full year of preparations, local high school teams and their racing creations descended upon the CTech Manufacturing Motorplex for two full days of non-stop track time! Formula Student USA is the group’s name, dedicated to helping high-school students fulfill their dream of building a real racecar in the name of STEM education. This may seem like a tall order for high-school students, but they’re eager for a challenge!

The Cedarburg High School Formula Student USA Team

Similar to collegiate SAE challenges, each Formula Student team has a set of rules to follow when constructing their vehicle. In general, teams have the choice of constructing an open or closed-wheel chassis, with varying levels of design autonomy associated with each. Safety is paramount in all forms of racing, and Formula Student is no different. Because this event isn’t timed, and wheel-to-wheel racing isn’t allowed, the focus of the rulebook is to guide the teams in making a safe, dependable racecar that can keep going throughout the two-day event at the Motorplex.

Parts for each car are either ordered via catalog, or custom designed and built by the teams themselves with the help of individual sponsors and plenty of information-sharing between schools. CTech is proud to support the teams in this fantastic program. We truly believe that the students in this program are the future of racing, and they’re proving it to us time and time again! Your first racecar is always going to be a special one, and for these students, it’s the one they’ve learned the most from.

VEX Robotics World Championships 2019

Over 25,000 individuals, and hundreds of student robotics teams from around the world recently descended into Louisville, Kentucky for the VEX Robotics World Championship. Students from 40 countries, and ranging from grade school to university-level education qualified for the championship event by performing well at local events. Among them, St. Nicholas School’s middle school robotics team dubbed “Rocket Robots”. We’re proud to have recently become a supporter of this local STEM-based team, and we’re even more proud of the fact that they were able to bring home 2nd place in the overall championship after winning their division!

In each division, teams must construct a robot to complete a very specific set of tasks. Most contests require robots to flip, stack, toss, and otherwise manipulate a set of objects to score points in an allotted time. Sounds easy right? Wrong! The competition here is intense. Every team is on the clock, and their creations are on the spot. The VEX organizers do an incredible job of making sure that the students who compete are having fun. From the sidelines, the contests very much resemble a live-action sport; there is a field of play surrounded by dynamic lighting, plenty of action and fanfare, an engaged audience, and even live announcers!

Each team travels down a long road to make it to the VEX World Championship event. In order to qualify, a given team has to prove themselves at local, regional, and nationwide events. For younger teams, the dedication that they’ve demonstrated is incredible, and all in the name of STEM competition! We’re extremely proud of the St. Nicholas School “Rocket Robots” team for their efforts this year, you’ve made everyone at CTech proud!