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At the track, in the trailer, or the shop. No matter what industry, we guarantee a superior product.

We Build It Better.

Motorsports Proven Efficiency

Using our own "at the track" experience to work with race teams of all sizes, CTech has developed a line of Carts able to support any aspect of storage needs. Toolboxes, Pit Carts, Track Side Observation, and Refueling rigs top off our most popular in Motorsports. Fabricated of aerospace-grade aluminum and our exclusive MotionLatch® drawers and doors, CTech carts have been sought after for many industries outside of racing. CTech's motorsports involvement has paved the way for a premium storage solution available for any purpose imaginable.

Black CTech Cart with canopy
CTECH Indy Lights Paddock Caster Cart Toolbox
CTECH Harley-Davidson Sportsman Cart
Twin CTech Transporter Carts on pit lane
Mobile tool box and service cart in an education lab setting

With a CTech cart, your crew will never be limited to the shop floor again!


More Than a Toolbox


Growing up, you dreamed of having a toolbox all your own, but now you've grown and realized they are all the same with limited options. With CTech's customizable ability, endless possibilities, and exclusive features when you build a CTech Cart, it's all yours. Custom-built from scratch for your specific application, whether it's for your shop, race team, a toolbox, or something more specialized.

Chassis Options


Not every application is the same, and CTech offers diversity within our cart product line to fit most needs. Offering flat free wheel options for all chassis CTech's carts can handle any load with ease to still be maneuverable.

Michelin's ULTRA Cart dual deck used for pit lane support during the IMSA racing series

Options and Accessories

Shown below are just a few of the optional accessories that can be added to make each configuration truly unique and highly specialized for any industry or application.

Shop Carts - Ready to Ship

These CTech carts have been used for internal displays, race track events, and tradeshows. They are "ready-to-ship" and come with some great optional add ons for demonstration purposes. Limited quantities are available.

"The aluminum construction keeps the cart light, with a heavy-duty benchtop and drawers that can stand up to the abuse of motorsports. The cart is well thought out and has space for all the equipment necessary for pit road, giving our team the organization necessary when every second count."

Brandon Helm - Team Manager/Crew Chief: The Black Tie Vintage Racing

"I was surprised my mobile Genset Cart rolled with such ease over dirt, rocks, and through the dips in the ground.  The Bad Ass Casters transferred the weight of the generator and allowed it to roll smoothly. My RV 50 amp plugs and the 50 amp plug for the welder work great. I'm pleased that I bought this Genset Cart from CTech."

Robert Kitterman

"With 104° temps, the Fan Cart was a life-saver." Phil and his crew kept their cool at the track last weekend thanks to their CTech Fan Cart! Nice chrome finish on the FlatFree wheel fenders, too! Thanks team!🏁

Seeger Engineering LLC

Features exclusive to CTech

Loaded with features CTech's value is in its construction and durability



With a handful of tools, the One hand - One motion operation allows effortless access to your storage while maintaining secure closure during transit.


Flat Free Wheels

Throughout our chassis designs, CTech offers flat free wheels. They carry they weigh like a caster but perform on terrain like a pneumatic, best of both worlds in a stylish package.


Adjust-a-loc Shelving

Storage changes over time, and having adjustable shelving lets your cart change with it.


Push/Pull Handle

No matter the size of your cart of the load it carries, having a sturdy handle to maneuver is essential to its function.



Having the ability to transport your cart easily is something CTech takes very seriously, with three styles of D-rings available you always have a place to strap.

Regardless the industry, CTECH Has a Cart for the Job

service cart storing engine parts in a race shop

Versatile and Durable

The Service Cart will perform well in any situation. Take the tools you need to the job versus multiple trips back to your toolbox; these carts help improve efficiency.

service cart storing engine parts in a race shop

Fully Configurable

Caster Carts or Toolboxes can alter; height, width, depth, the number of openings, and opening components. What this means is you are not bound to a specific layout predetermined by CTech.

Orange Mini Cart loaded with option

Suited for Pit Lane

Looking for a towable option more suited for pit lane or you just like the look of it, the Mini Cart checks all the boxes. Fully configurable in layout and standard with Flat Free wheels and brakes.

Orange Mini Cart loaded with option
worktop cart with tire rack storage on top

The Perfect Storage Solution

Worktop carts are one of the most popular carts in a multitude of industries from, Industrial to Motorsports, and it's easy to see why. With the dual side storage and 360-degree mobile worksurface, this is the perfect storage solution.

worktop cart with tire rack storage on top
Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle charging cart

Specialty Carts

Specialty carts can come in any chassis option that CTech offers; your application determines the best fit and size restrictions. Some examples include; mobile charging stations, venue monitor displays, crowd security carts, sideline communications, construction site data hubs, and so many more.

Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle charging cart
Michelin's ULTRA Cart dual deck used for pit lane support during the IMSA racing series

A Bird's-Eye View

Giving a birds-eye view to the excitement of a race has led to the development of many observation decks available from CTech. This notion has translated into other industries and gives engineers a birds-eye view of projects or serving as a VIP entertainment deck for special events.

Michelin's ULTRA Cart dual deck used for pit lane support during the IMSA racing series