CTech DRaWErs

MotionLatch® sets the standard for quality.


MotionLatch® drawers have evolved into a stand-alone product used in every industry and easily installed into any opening.

We Build It Better.

Effortless Operation

CTech's MotionLatch® drawers were developed initially for placement in our products. The quality and sheer desire for drawers as a stand-alone offering have bloomed into another core product line. Supplying all major service body truck manufacturers with our TDU's (tool drawer units), you can also see our drawers fitted into countless other applications. If we have an opening size, we can adapt our drawers to it.

Drawer stack in Capitol Customs trailer
City of Wausau TDU
3O2A3478 standard duty 1
Truck Utilities IMT truck with CTech drawers
Shelving drawers on sortimo shelves

Add drawers to any pre-existing cabinet, cart, service truck, or even RV lower compartment.

Juan Ibarra opens his CTech MotionLatch® drawer for a tool

Durability Matters

Juan Ibarra, from Discovery channel's Gold Rush, rifles through his drawers for a tool.

When your off-road with your service truck, that last thing you need to be concerned with is the security of your tools. CTech's dual latch design and innovative drawer construction ensure a secure latch on closure for any terrain.

Drawer Inserts

With three insert styles, CTech can create a MotionLatch® drawer solution.

Although our most popular drawers are TDUs (tool drawer units) for the service body industry, this insert does not fit all our drawers' applications. The importance of these other insert options allows CTech drawers to be mounted in any opening no matter what there is to fasten.

Arlington Fire truck drawer housing

Options and Accessories

Shown below are just a few of the optional accessories that can be added to make each configuration truly unique and highly specialized for any industry or application.

Shop Drawers - Ready to Ship

MotionLatch® drawers are apart of all of CTech's product lines, take advantage of these "ready-to-ship" drawer products, and make them a part of your storage solution. An effortlessly accessible drawer is only a click away. Limited quantities are available.

"I've worked in some of the toughest, most remote places on earth, and CTech drawers can stand up to the rigors of my work environment and the rough demands of my everyday work."

Juan Ibarra - Owner/Operator Ibarra Industries LLC. from Discovery Channel's GOLD Rush

"CTECH maximizes the storage of our trucks. Servicing heavy equipment at all ends of the backwoods and every weather condition, my equipment is pushed to the limits and CTECH aluminum drawers always perform and they are loaded to the max. CTECH provides a great product and is easy to work with."

Dustin Conley - Field Technician: PONSSE North America

Features exclusive to CTech

Loaded with features CTech's value is in its construction and durability.

MotionLtach® drawers in a service body truck


With a handful of tools, the One hand - One motion operation allows effortless access to your storage while maintaining secure closure during transit.

close up of MotionLatch® drawer handle

Extrusion Handle

Durable aluminum extrusion handle and faces, CTech drawers can be grabbed anywhere along the handle to open even the fullest of drawers effortlessly.

mounting a TDU in a service body truck

Mounting Solutions

With multiple options to securely mount a CTech drawer unit into an opening, these drawers can fasten with minimal effort.

Removable MotionLatch® drawers

Quick Release Slides

CTech products tend to outlive the vehicles they are mounted in, so having a removable drawer does not just make installation a breeze, but it also helps with removal. Also meaning a slide can easily be replaced if needed.

With a 250lb standard weight rating, CTech Tool Drawers are tough enough to handle everything you can throw into them, literally!

250lbs Capacity

With full extension and a capacity of 250lbs, you can trust CTech drawers to get your equipment where it's going securely.

Any Compartment, Any Size, CTech has a MotionLatch® for that.

TDU with background

TDU Insert

TDU (tool drawer unit) inserts work correctly in clear opening compartments. Most commonly used in the service truck industry, CTech works directly with the truck bed manufacturers to guarantee a perfect fit every time.

TDU with background
MotionLtach® drawers in a service body truck

TDU Insert - Service Truck

Available as a standard option from most manufacturers, MotionLatch® drawers are considered the premium solution for the organization of the truck beds. Mobile technicians and other tradespeople rely on CTech to keep their trade tools safe from one job to another.

MotionLtach® drawers in a service body truck
Cabinet Insert with background

Cabinet Style Insert

CTech developed the first MotionLatch® drawer insert to complement our products. With a mounting flange at the front edge of our extrusion framework, this insert style easily mounts to the front and rear of a compartment. Based on this mounting design, CTech drawers can fit in many other manufacturers' carts and cabinets.

Cabinet Insert with background
Drawer stack in Capitol Customs trailer

Cabinet Style Insert - Trailer Manufacturers

Many trailer manufacturers offer some cabinet options, although CTech would like to be that option every time we can offer a premium MotionLatch® insert for these other cabinets. CTech's ability to fit any opening space enables customers to replace lesser capable and more massive units with CTech while gaining storage capacity in the process.

Drawer stack in Capitol Customs trailer
Drawer Housing with background

Drawer Housing Insert

The drawer housing is a fully enclosed stand-alone unit that works anywhere. Ctech's unique ability for full customization in height, width, and depth sets these drawers apart.

Drawer Housing with background
Arlington Fire truck drawer housing

Drawer Housing Insert - Fire Engine Compartment

Fire engine manufacturers have trusted CTech drawer housings for years because of their durability and seamless MotionLatch® operation. Confidence knowing their equipment is where they need it allows the focus on more important matters.

Arlington Fire truck drawer housing