CTECH mobile Medical PPE

Superior design and aesthetics for Mobile Medical Labs


Going to the hospital or clinic is no one's favorite past time, so Specialty Vehicle manufacturers have entrusted CTech to help create a welcoming platform for their mobile labs.

We Build It Better.

Mobile Medical Labs Reimagined

CTech works with some of America's premier specialty vehicle manufacturers to make sure that new mobile medical vehicles are fully optimized with custom CTech cabinets and drawers, allowing healthcare providers to work efficiently under immense strain.

As we battle the coronavirus pandemic, mobile medical vehicles are being used to fill a unique healthcare industry role.

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LDV build Mobile medical cabinets with sink
LDV Mobile Bone Densitometry Lab
LDV Mobile Medical Office 4
LDV build Mobile medical cabinet fridge and mini fridge
LDV Mobile Dentist Office Northwest Community Healthcare

Brighten your mood when visiting the doc, choose CTech specialty vehicle cabinets.

CTech Mobile Medical cabinets

Mobile Medical Vehicle

Mobile Medical Vehicles offer these advantages:

  • Greater Infection Control. By avoiding the emergency room, patients come into contact with fewer people. Reducing the likeliness of coming into contact with a virus or pathogen.
  • More Affordable (Generally). It's not cheap to run a Mobile Medical service, but it's undoubtedly less expensive than running a large hospital. Mobile Medical Vehicles are often used by healthcare providers to offer services that require little to no health insurance.
  • Promotes Isolation; by traveling, you inevitably expose yourself to external dangers. Mobile Medical Vehicles come to you, cutting down travel and exposure.

The mobile medical industry is responding, and we're proud to support them!

Mobile Carts in the facility

Mobile medical carts are a dime a dozen, and the quality of most is a representation of that. CTech has been developing carts for all sorts of industries for over 25 years and offers a premium solution. Fully customizable to the medical facilities' specific needs, CTech's durability will prove its worth after years of service while still looking new.

  • Anti-Microbial powder coat finish.
  • Heavy-duty 4" caster.
  • MotionLatch doors and drawers.

    • Plus locking function.

  • All aluminum construction.
Mobile Medical PPE Cart hospital hallway

"Generally when fulfilling equipment and furniture needs in the hospital the options are limited to a catalog choice, CTech was able to provide a custom solution that fits our needs specifically."

John Timothy - PA Spirit Transport

"I have been in the medical profession for 35 years and I can honestly say I have never desired to have a medical cart at my home setting. I love the quality of these products, I now see why they last so long for racers."

George Hendricks - Radiology Technician

Features exclusive to CTech

Loaded with features CTech's value is in its construction and durability

LDV build Mobile medical cabinet MotionLatch® drawer


With a handful of tools, the One hand - One motion operation allows effortless access to your storage while maintaining secure closure during transit.

GasketLoc® countertop featured on stunning red base cabinet

GasketLoc® Countertop

The GasketLoc® countertop system keeps unwanted liquid from entering the cabinet in the event of a spill. The fully sealed countertop gives a 2.5" backsplashes, hides all installation fasteners, and is replaceable in the event of a damaged countertop.

Adjust-a-loc® shelving in a cabinet

Adjust-a-loc Shelving

Storage changes over time, and having adjustable shelving lets your cart change with it.

LDV build Mobile medical cabinet mini fridge opening

Custom Openings

Custom sized openings and cutouts for specialized equipment is something CTech can offer very easily. Venting and other accommodations to fit specific equipment is all a possibility.

Texture Black Pit Cart Top Panel pile

Powder Coat Finish

Choose from 10 standard powder coat colors to personalize your product. Our powder coat protects against the elements; it also shines like a show quality paint job.

Sneeze Guard / other PPE Products

Sneeze Guard - Countertop

Developed with intentions to maintain a safe and healthy business setting for customers and employees. Competitively priced, attractive presentation, and in most cases, ready for next-day shipments.

Metro Series PPE support

Mobile PPE - CopBox Metro Series

Stepping outside of our usual manufacturing practices to battle the COVID-19 crisis, we've built up a select stock of Metro series CopBoxes for the application of storing and securing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other essential response items. NO LEAD TIMES for this run of CopBoxes. They are ready to ship immediately to upcoming and currently operating responders and healthcare providers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metro Series PPE support