Econo Wall Cabinet modules are CTech’s budget friendly eye-level storage solution for price conscious buyers who still want a quality product. Boasting CTech-exclusive features, the Econo Series utilizes pre-finished white aluminum paneling for ultimate weight savings. CTech Wall Cabinets feature swing-open MotionLatchTM doors. This module can be bought as a standalone unit or integrated into a larger package.



ECONO Series Wall Cabinet | ECO482416 Module

Take tool and equipment storage to new heights with Econo Series Wall Cabinets! The ECO482416 module adds affordable double-compartment wall storage to any space. Wall cabinets help store items at a more accessible height, opening up additional floor space in the process.

Constructed with lightweight 5052 aluminum, CTech cabinets were designed to excel in mobile environments. However, with premium styling, also impress in the garage, workshop, and other stationary settings. Boost your trailer cabinet storage efficiency without sacrificing payload capacity!

Econo Series cabinets are delivered pre-constructed, and installation is a breeze. Thanks to CTech’s fastener construction, over-the-road storage longevity is massively increased. In the event that accidental damage occurs, individual panels and extrusions can be replaced for pennies on the dollar.

The Econo Series offers an affordable solution to storage while taking the guess work of ordering out, if a more “CUSTOM” solution is desired the “PRO SERIES” would be the next tier up from Econo.

  • Adjustable Shelves (Adjust-A-Loc)
  • MotionLatchTM Doors

Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 24 in



Adjust-a-loc shelving, MotionLatch TM Doors, Not Customizable


5052 Aluminum panels, 6063 Aluminum Extrusions, Anodized Framework, Fastener Assembly


Limited Lifetime Warranty